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    Strange behaviour of request.getUserInRole, bug?

    Dylan Newbie


      I have set up JBoss-3.0.1/Tomcat-4.0.4 with the DatabaseServerLoginModule and it seems to work allright but I still have some issues.

      My testing web-application contains the following files:
      - /index.jsp
      - /welcome.jsp
      - /auth/login.jsp
      - /auth/error.jsp
      - /auth/logout.jsp
      It is set up so that /welcome.jsp is protected from all access. When I try to access /welcome.jsp, the server correctly dispatches to /auth/login.jsp and lets met log in. Welcome.jsp then tells me that I have succesfully logged in and which name I have used using request.getUserInRole(). However, when I go back to index.jsp, the same method returns null i.e. the container does not return a Principal object when calling request.getUserInRole.

      How can this be?!?!? Is this a bug or a feature?


      I have attached a zip-file including the sources and the