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    Updateable Login Module?

    Rich McKiernan Newbie

      Are there any Login Module implementations that allow for updates to the data store (file or database tables) used by the Login Module? In other words, I'd like to be able to add subjects/principals/roles on the fly.

      Or would I need to implement a Custom Login Module?

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          tompage Newbie

          Now, I was puzzled by this question,too.

          But I don't think we need an updateable Login Module, we can write a MBean to manage subjects,principals and roles.

          So, I think, we can create a class with singleton pattern, it can be use to manage all of above. Then, we can create a LoginModule for login and MBean for admin.

          welcome discuss, thanks.

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            J. Wolfgang Kaltz Novice

            > Or would I need to implement a Custom Login Module?

            Yeah, I guess you would need a custom login module - that's not at all a hard thing to do though, if you subclass the jboss base login class.

            Or, depending on what exactly your requirements are, you could for example on an unsuccessful login decide whether you want to add the user to some data source, and then reattempt the JBoss login; within your servlet or wherever.

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              Brad Leupen Newbie

              i just made my Principal table and Role table CMP Entity Beans. JBoss will automatically create the tables for you and you can update them by calling standard EJB Entity create/update/remove methods.


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                Pradeep Jaligama Newbie

                When we make the Principal and Role tables as CMP entity beans, what would be the PrincipalsQuery and RolesQuery be. If they are still sql strings, how would jboss know that it has to instantiate those entity beans for the principals in prespective. Also, how would resetting the password work in this case.