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    Chapter 8 figure 8-7

    Bruno Lowagie Newbie

      I am trying to set up a login system as described on p256
      of the jBoss documentation. Unfortunately I am missing one
      important step...

      On the clientside I create a LoginContext and I perform a
      login WITHOUT authentication (bullet 1).
      Then I try to acces an EJB (bullet 2). On figure 8-7 I read:
      'marshal method info + principal & credential'
      How does this happen????
      On the server side I have defined a jwdomain and I have
      added 2 LoginModules ClientLoginModule and MyLoginModule.
      The only thing MyLoginModule does for the moment, is log
      what happens. I thought I would be able to check the
      username and password in the login-method of this custom

      However: I can see all the log.info I have added to
      MyLoginModule, but the SharedState-variable is EMPTY
      (size = 0). Am I missing something? How can I pass
      the username and password to this custom loginmodule???

      After all the log from MyLoginModule is written, the SecurityInterceptor throws an Authentication Exception
      with principal=[username]. So the Principal is passed
      to the SecurityInterceptor. But how do I retrieve this
      username AND the password in MyLoginModule???

      Remark: I have read ch13s70, but I don't want this
      kind of authentication. I want a clientside login
      WITHOUT authentication and a serverside login WITH
      authentication EXACTLY AS DESCRIBED in Chapter 8 of
      the AdminDevel-book...