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    LoginException never thrown

    Simone Bertoni Newbie

      I've implemented a simple program to test JAAS using DatabaseServerLoginModule and following the code provided with "JAAS Based Security in JBoss" tutorial.
      This is my main function:

      public static void main(String[] args) {
      try {
      AppCallbackHandler handler = new AppCallbackHandle(args[0], args[1].toCharArray());
      LoginContext lc = new LoginContext("TestLogin", handler);
      } catch (LoginException ex) {
      System.out.println("Login Failed");
      try {
      InitialContext iniContext = new InitialContext();
      MyJBHome home = (MyEJBHome)iniContext.lookup("MyJNDI");
      MyEJB mgr = home.create();
      System.out.println("Created EJB");
      } catch(Exception e) {

      In my DB I've defined the user = 'user' with the pwd = 'pwd'.
      If I try to login with the (user, pwd) pair, all is OK as expected. But if I login using a wrong username and/or password,
      the server logs a "javax.security.auth.login.FailedLoginException: Password Incorrect/Password Required" but on client side I don't see a LoginException but a RemoteException. So my question is: How can I distinguish a login fail from a remoteException?
      The LoginContext documentation reports that the login method MUST throws a LoginException if authentication fails.

      Moreover if I comment the home.create() statement and try to login again, whatever pair I use none exception is never thrown. I don't know if I make a mistake or if this is the right behaviour.
      Can someone help me?

      Thanks, Simone