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    Secure web app works, but requests take a very long time to

    Roland Haag Newbie


      I'm facing a strange problem: My non-secure web app works fine.

      Securing the web app (web.xml/jboss-web.xml/jboss.xml) makes it very slow: The time spent in the servlets service() method is the same (< 100 ms), but the transmission back to the client takes about 20s. Even the delivery of simple static html pages takes very long.

      jboss 2.4.9 with tomcat 3.2.3
      jsps/servlets with some session beans

      The session beans have a XADataSource,
      the login module has a simple JDBC Data Source to get rid of "not in a tx" messages.
      [WARN,XAConnectionFactory] XAConnectionImpl: org.jboss.pool.jdbc.xa.wrapper.XAConnectionImpl@6d0040 has no current tx!

      I assume a problem in the way the response is transmitted back to the client -- how does security change that?

      Things get really worse with file uploads -- "document contains no data", no reaction at all ...

      tomcat 4.x has the same problem, further it gives me a MAPPING configuration error
      [INFO,Engine] StandardHost[localhost]: MAPPING configuration error for request URI

      jboss 3.x security is not stable, tried this too.


      Declarative security
      <!-- These roles have access -->

      <!-- BASIC HTTP authorization: Works -->
      <realm-name>(basic auth)</realm-name>