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    SingleSignOn JBoss3.0.3 Tomcat4.1.12

    Lewis Henderson Novice

      I'm having problems with the SingleSignOn valve discussed in thread http://www.jboss.org/modules/bb/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=forums/ get two WAR deployments to use SingleSignOn I need to :-

      1) Ensure that the <security-domain> in both jboss-web.xml files is the same
      2) Ensure that the <login-config> sections are the same in both web.xml files
      3) Add the SingleSignOn valve to the tomcat41-service.xml file as described in the thread above.

      Some questions...

      Does the <login-config> section have to be the same? In my case I always login through the 'Main' WAR...Which part(s) do I need / not need in the second (and subsequent) WARs?

      Are there issues with Tomcat spawning new Http threads?

      I'm using Struts so have *.do type URL's to secure. Does this cause any problems?

      ...any help would be greatly appreciated.


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          Lewis Henderson Novice

          ...new info

          1) Two WAR's both using struts (lots of Forwards)...All kinds of problems!

          WAR1 is the main entry point, it contains the login page/error page in an unsecured dir (not realy required as Tomcat allows access to these no matter what the security is) and everything else is secured.

          WAR2 contains a complete struts application. Everything is secured.

          a) Without SingleSignOn it all works as expected. I.e. I get the login screen when I hit WAR1 and another (WAR2's) when a URL takes me to WAR2.
          b) With SingleSignOn I lose images(broken) and get 'Access Denied' even on pages inside WAR1...

          2) A 'standard' (no struts) WAR0 is added as the Main entry point. This WAR has links to WAR1 and WAR1 (as above) has links to WAR2.
          a) Without SingleSignOn I get challenged when I hit WAR0 and then again when I hit WAR1, however I do not get challenged for WAR2?????!!!!!
          b) With SingleSignOn it all works as expected...???

          Can anyone shed any light on what is happening in these scenarios?