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    JAAS authentication Principal=null

    annapurna Newbie

      Hi all,

      There seeems to be lots of threads on this issue.. but I could not find an answer to my problem..

      I am using JBoss3.0.3 with Tomcat4.0.5

      Tried to created LoginContext this way..

      CallbackHandler handler = new UsernamePasswordHandler("admin",
      LoginContext lc = null;
      try {
      lc = new LoginContext("simple",handler);

      }catch (javax.security.auth.login.LoginException ex){


      and then in the jboss.xml used the security domain


      I got an error saying user.properties not found

      I added these users in the files and placed in the conf dir

      # users.properties
      # admin is the user - admin is the password

      # roles.properties
      # test is the user - Tester is the role
      # The first line could be test.Roles (but Roles is the default RoleGroup)
      # The second line maps the user test in the CallerPrincipal RoleGroup to caller_test

      This is just what I did.. sure there is something more to be done..

      Now I get an error Authetication Exception: principal=null

      Need help badly...