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    JBoss3.0 login-config ignored?

    patrick van kann Newbie

      I am migrating from Jboss2.44 + Tomcat 4 to JBoss3.04 + Jetty. I can't get authorisation to work as expected and it appears that the contents of my conf/login-config.xml are being ignored.

      If I rename login-config.xml or put invalid markup in there it breaks at startup. However, no matter what seemingly valid entries I place in there make no difference to the behaviour of the authentication.

      I can even specifiy invalid classnames like <login-module code = "some.invalid.class"> and it doesn't break.

      When I attempt to authorise a user with through my login.jsp and a DatabaseServerLoginModule (all of which worked fine under JBoss2.4.4) I invariably get the following console message

      >WARN [JBossUserRealm#cookie] authentication failure: scott

      Can anyone point out where I am going wrong? I have atached the relevent files.

      Thanks in advance, Patrick