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    Passing user name and credential from client side

    Jeyalakshmi Newbie

      I have following client code to look up for an entity bean:
      public class Test
      EJBHome home = null;
      Context initial = new InitialContext();
      Object objref = initial.lookup("AuditHome");
      Object obj = PortableRemoteObject.narrow(objref,"AuditHome.class" );
      home = (EJBHome)obj;
      Audit a = home.create();
      catch(Exception e)

      where "AuditHome" is the home interface of AuditBean bound with JNDI using ejb-jar.xml and jboss.xml.
      We have security roles defined in assembly-descriptor to restrict the access to AuditBean.
      How do I pass on the user name and credentials from client so that he can be given access to AuditBean.
      Rather, how would I restrict an user from accessing AuditBean.