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    web page authorisation

    Priya Newbie


      I have been trying to secure a web page by settin gup the users.properties and roles.properties and have been successful in doing so.

      The Basic Auth dialog pops up, and does the authorisation. However while my jsp is loading, another authorisation dialog box pops up with a title "Password needed - networking" . It mentions:
      Firewall: localhost/
      Realm: other
      Scheme: Basic

      It lets me in after i give the same user name and password as i did for the first authorisation.

      I guess this is because i am trying to access the application on the intranet from another machine.
      How do i turn off the second authorisation? I do not know where is it configured to do such an authorisation.

      Please help. Thanks very much in advance.


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          Priya Newbie

          i think i know the source of the problem. In my jsp, i have two frames, the top frame has an applet. I notice that when the applet starts loading, the second authorisation dialog box starts up.

          Could anyone please tell me why does the applet need authentication?