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    Is this the Security for J2EE?

    Vicky Kak Master

      I would like to clarify the following thing:
      Condidering there a component deployed in the J2EE Environemnt(App server).
      Same object can be used by few roles in the company.In a company if there is Manager
      and Employee roles and they are accessing the Work component,the work component
      can give us
      1)Total number of hours spend by an Employee in week
      2)Total hours spemd by the all employees under a particular manager.
      So component has
      getWorkhours(String employeeid)
      getTotalWorkhours(int managerid)

      I can define the roles and describe in the deployment descriptor.So the Manager
      can be given to access both methods and Employee only one method.
      The component can be servlet or ejb.
      Is this way I use the Security with J2EE? Does the Security in J2EE work like this with components.