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    Where to put jaas.jar?

    Eric Newbie


      I'm using JBoss 3.0.4 with JDK1.3. Things work well when I run under Java 1.4.1, but when I drop back to 1.3, I get a ClassNotFoundException: javax.security.auth.SubjectDomainCombiner.

      I know that JAAS is included in 1.4.1 and not in 1.3, so the exception doesn't surprise me too much. I'm just confused where I can drop the jaas.jar file to make the issue go away. The jar is currently located n the JBOSS_HOME/client directory, and in the JBOSS_HOME/server/default/lib directory (In both places, the offending class is present in the jar).

      How can I get JBoss to find this class?

      Thanks for your help.