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    JaasSecurityManager error

    Mirza Mohsin Beg Newbie


      I have a need to modify the service to use my own SecurityProxyFactoryClassName for the security manager.

      If I put the Mbean definition (in a **-service.xml) and my class file packaged as a sar in $JBOSS_DIST/server/default/deploy, I get a 'jaas not bound' exception when the server boots up and everything errors out.

      However when I put modify $JBOSS_DIST/server/default/conf/jboss-service.xml with my factory class name and put my jar (with the .class) in $JBOSS_DIST/server/default/lib everything runs ok.

      I thought one did not need to put anything in the lib directory. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.