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    User self managment and personalization

    Henrik Lynggaard Newbie

      I want to make a small proof-of-concept website in order to test some j2ee functionality, however im not sure on how to solve this particular problem.

      One this proof of concept website, users can register themselves, and edit some personal information plus a personalized task list.

      I know how to make this using "old fashioned" way with servlets, javabeans and database lookups

      However I want to do it the "new way" with EJBs and perferably declerative security, the problem is I don't know how to create the connection between the security principal and the task list. The task list is (i think) represented with a entity bean.

      - how do I get all the task for a specific user from inside a session been.
      - how do I let users register themselves.

      I plan on storing the users in a database (mysql) and Jboss 3 (with tomcat)