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    Oracle and DBA_USER

    sam ramirez Newbie


      I've configured JBoss 3.0.4 with Tomcat 4.1.12 bundle to use the DatabaseServerLoginModule to go to an Oracle 8.1.5 database, soon to be changing to Oracle 9i.
      It is failing on the password out of DBA_USERS, which is encrypted. I set the hashAlgorithm to MD5 and still get the message 'incorrect password/bad password' from jboss. I've set it to other hash alorithms to no avail. I can replace the password column name in the principalsQuery with a hard coded string and the authentication works. It also works with plaintext password columns. I can't change the db structure as this is an implemented database with over 6000 users.

      Other facts:
      1. FORM authentication
      2. Have EJBs that need to be secured
      3. JDK 1.3.1

      Thanks very much,
      Sam Ramirez