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    Forcing auth after a register HELP!!!!

    Donald Newbie

      What is need to do is the following.
      I am using JBOSS 3.0.x with Tomcat 4.0 & Apache 2.0

      1. I have an application that will allow a user to register with it. This is like becoming a member.

      2. When a user registers and I programatically add them to the correct persisted storage(ie: ldap, dbase) with a role, name, and passowrd.

      3. Next, I need to inform JBOSS of an authentation. If I do not, the user will be promped when he/she tries to access a member page.


      Is there a class that JBOSS has where I can do this? Do I need to get a handle to the JAAS Implementation?

      IF this is not clear, please let me know. I have the form based Login working for a pre-registered user so that is not a question here.

      Thanks for any insite into this issue

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          Donald Newbie

          In IAS we used a class that was provided. This class was a security context class that in my guess wrapped the context they wrote for JAAS to authenticate. they used Login() which is in my guess an override to their JAAS configuration object.

          So, I would think that JBOSS has an adapter class that we can use to simulate a login. I can't believe that others are not facing this issue ans many sites do provice membership accounte on their site.