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    Weblogic to JBoss ACL API

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      We would like to migrate our applications from Weblogic 6.1 to JBoss 3.x. Those applications use Weblogic security API (mainly weblogic.security.acl.*) and we don't know how to translate those directives to JBoss.
      (=> We looked at JBoss starting guide and JBoss adm. and dev. book but we haven't found any response.

      To be more precise, those applications use realms groups and users. In code we search groups and users from realm :
      import weblogic.security.acl.;
      BasicRealm realm = Realm.getRealm("my_realm");
      User result = realm.getUser("my_client");
      Group client = realm.getGroup("my_group");

      Does anyone know how to do with JBoss (not how to configure xml files but how to migrate this code?)

      Thanks in advance for any response.