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    Single-Sign-On (SSO) with JBoss in 2 different servers

    Victor Ferrero Newbie


      I have 2 servers, both with JBoss. On each server is installed a different web application.
      Therefore, server A has a JBoss with application A, and server B has another JBoss (but same version) with Application B.
      The access to the applications is restricted, so the user must provide his userId and password before accessing the applications.
      Both applications authenticate against the same LDAP server.

      The issue is that I'd like to use Single Sign On (SSO) to access both applications, so that when a user accesses one application and identifies himself, he doesn't need to identify again when he accesses the other application.
      I think that in order to accomplishing this, the two JBoss should be able to share sessions. Is this possible? Is there any other solution?

      Thanks in advance.