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    Jaas and Jboss 3.04/Tomcat 4.x

    Carlo Germana Newbie


      We've successfully implemented Jaas with Jboss using a separate installation of Tomcat 4.1x.
      We now would like to use the combined Jboss/Tomcat installation, but because Tomcat runs as a service and therefore the main config file "server.xml" is ignored by the appserver, I do not know where I can define the app context and the realm for our "FORM" login.

      This is the context how it was running on tomcat:

      <Context path="/myapp" docBase="myDocbase"loadable="true" crossContext="false">
      <Realm className="org.apache.catalina.realm.JAASRealm" debug= "3" appName="J4eLogin" userClassNames="x.xx.AppUserDO

      Does anybody know where I must place these definitions in JBoss to make it work?