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    java.io.IOException:Invalid keystore format

    sameer Newbie

      using following commands i could generate phony self-signed certificate. File name is phonycert.keystore.

      keytool -genkey -keyalg DSA -alias phony -dname "CN=mindprod.com, OU=testing, O=Canadian Mind Products, L=Victoria, S=BC, C=CA"

      keytool -selfcert -alias phony

      keytool -export -alias phony -rfc -file phonycert.cer

      This i placed in the C:\JBoss3.0\server\default\conf.

      i updated tomcat4-service.xml file with following information


      i got the error "java.io.IOException:Invalid keystore format".

      Please tell me whats wrong with this and what i should do.


      - sameer