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    LdapLoginModule Authentication Problem: username=null

    Steven Ostrowski Newbie


      I'm trying to authenticate a user's roles via an LDAP directory. I'm using the jmx-console app as the basis.

      I am able to match against a principal in the LDAP directory, but it seems that something goes wrong once a match is made.

      I try to go to the /jmx-console context via a browser, and it prompts me for a username/password.

      If I enter a bad name/pass, it will re-prompt me. The debug logging will say Failed login/password (this is good).

      However, if I enter a good name/pass, it will not re-prompt me but give me a 403 reponse. The debug logging will say "Bad password for username=null". This seems to be a problem. Why is it saying username=null although I enter a username in the prompt?

      I am using JBoss3.2.0-RC2-tomcat on RH8.0.

      If you need any additional files let me know.