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    ClientLoginModule and useFirstPass

    Philippe C Newbie

      I used the releasenotes:

      This is a cut from the file :

      Eclipse Install/Update Manager

      1. Start Eclipse.
      2. Select the Install/Update Perspective via Help > Software Updates > Update Manager or Window > Open Perspective > Install/Update
      3. Select New > Site Bookmark from the context menu of the Feature Update view. In the dialog fill the name with an unused one and the URL with http://jboss.sourceforge.net/jbosside/updates
      4. When you open the newly created node there is a child node called JBoss-IDE 1.0. By opening this child node you get nodes for all versions of JBoss-IDE belonging to this category. Select the version you want to install and some information about this version is shown in the Preview view. If this version or a higher one is not already installed the Previewview offers you an Install button which you have to click if you want to install this version.


      * If you are behind a proxy you have to go to Window > Preferences > Install/Update, select Enable HTTP Proxy connection and insert values for Host Address and Port.
      * You can let Eclipse check if new updates of JBoss-IDE are available by selecting Help > Software Updates > New Updates. Via Window > Preferences > Install/Update you can choose for which changes of versions Eclipse is supposed to look.
      * Have a look at the Eclipse documentation to get more information about the Install/Update Manager.