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    Using a userrealm to log in to webapp

    Chris Newbie

      I want to use a HashUserRealm when you log in to my webapp.
      In jboss-service.xml in jboss-web.sar/meta-inf I placed the following:

      My Realm Name

      The class MyUserRealm extends HashUserRealm. In the class I get the users, passwords and roles from a database and put them in to the HashUserRealm. The argument is the name I give to the userrealm.
      The package itself is placed in the jboss-web.sar directory.

      Now I've got a webapplication and I like to secure it using my HashUsersRealm that I declared in the startup of Jbossweb, to get the users and passwords.
      In my web.xml I already placed the following:

      <realm-name>My Realm Name</realm-name>

      Now, what do I need to configure more, because it's not working properly yet.