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    Programatically logging into Jetty

    Steven Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      I've been working on an issue for a week or so now, and haven't found a satisfactory answer. I'm programatically handling the login process of users into my application, rather than using form based authentication.

      Via the use of a LoginFilter requests are authenticated via the OSUserLoginModule (an extension of the UsernamePasswordLoginModule from the OpenSymphony project) which successfully authenticates valid users and creates a valid LoginContext as detailed in the JBoss documentation.

      However, this doesn't log the user into Jetty so to speak, in that the user principal is not set on the request object in the way it would be via form based authentication with FormAuthenticator.

      Is there any way to programatically log into jetty? With Orion server a call to it's RoleManager.login() handles this for both the Orion EJB and Web containers.

      Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated!