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    DatabaseServerLoginModule - format of "userRoles" field

    Stephen Dorato Newbie

      I'm trying to use the DatabaseServerLoginModule with JBoss 3.0.6. One suggested schema from the quickstart guide is

      CREATE TABLE Users(username VARCHAR(64) PRIMARY KEY, passwd VARCHAR(64))
      CREATE TABLE UserRoles(username VARCHAR(64), userRoles VARCHAR(32))

      Then, the rolesQuery would be

      select userRoles, 'Roles' from UserRoles ...

      My question is, what form can the userRoles field take? Can it be a comma-delimited list of roles? i.e.,

      role1, role2, role3 ...

      I would love this to be so. My tests so far make me think it may be otherwise--that it may have to be an atomic value, i.e., a single role.

      If anybody could help, I'd appreciate it.