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    how to configure a fixed caller principle ?

    Tom Baeyens Master

      Hi guys,

      I've been digging into JAAS & JBossSX for a while and didn't find anything that helps to solve my problem.
      Maybe somebody can give me a pointer...

      This is the call-stack : Application-client --> SessionBeanA --> SessionBeanB

      The behaviour I want is the following :
      1) The application client should be able to call session bean A without providing security information.
      2) All calls that session bean A makes should be authenticated with a fixed username.
      3) In session bean B the context.getCallerPrinciple().getName() should give this fixed username.

      I want something like the run-as configuration in the ejb-jar. The only trouble is that the run-as configuration explicitly mentions that it will not affect the context.getCallerPrinciple().

      Any pointer will be appreciated.
      tom ATNOSPAM jbpm.org