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    newbie to jboss authentication/configuration

    stevecoh1 Newbie

      I am a jboss newbie. I am porting a web-application-based system (no ejbs) to jboss. Our organization has purchased the jboss administration and development online book and have read the authentication chapter.

      I need to use a custom database-based authentication system and have written one that extends UsernamePasswordLoginModule. I think I have written it well, but I can't quite figure out how to get the system to recognize it. I have modified my login-config.xml to add an application-policy element for my login module. What I can't figure out is how to point at that . According to the documentation, it seems as though I should reference that in my jboss-web.xml file.

      But my application, which has been running up to now without an application policy doesn't have a jboss-web.xml file. What generates this? I should say that my application is deployed through an ear file.

      It's a little unclear to me how all these configuration files fit together and if anyone can untangle this for me I'd much appreciate it.