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    Trouble with UserRolesLoginModules

    tassilo Newbie


      I would like to add several UserRolesLoginModules sections to my login-config.xml file in order to create one realm for each webapplication.

      Therefore I added another section to the config file to create another realm. Instead of naming it "other" I named it "newRealm" and set the userProperties and rolesProperties to "newrealm.properties" and "newrealm.properties" to be able to edit a new file pair of user names and roles.

      Finnaly I changed the security-domain in the jboss-web.xml and jboss.xml accordingly. However, when trying to authenticate against the server, the realm always defaults to "other" instead of the newly added one "newrealm".

      It seems to me that jboss ignores any changes which I made to the login-config.xml file. For example, if I change the usersProperties and rolesProperties properties jboss does not read the users and roles from the files specified in those properties.

      Is it not possible to confiure several UserRolesLoginModules ????