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    setting up my private CA as trusted

    Andrzej Roszkowski Newbie


      I have some trouble with setting up my private CA as trusted. I'm using JB3.2.0 with Tomcat (also with Jetty but here CLIENT-CERT doesn't work as expected). So here is my question: is there any way to set up different cacerts bundle other than default . I don't want to have system-wide this CA available.

      I hava added my CA to 'private' bundle (this pointed by jboss-service.xml) - but this is not working.

      I have replaced default cacerts file with my (and my password) i got 401 message 'Cannot authenticate with the provided credentials' but in logs are empty - SSL handshake ok - accepted but why container doesn't accept my cert do I have to set up fields in cert (or in web.xml) if so which field is responsible for it .