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    problem with redirect after successful login

    Wes Newbie

      I am having a problem getting forms based authentication to properly redirect to the secured resource.

      Here is the scenario:

      1. user requests http://localhost:8080/myapp/app/protectedpage.jsp
      2. Jaas redirects to login.jsp
      3. user provides invalid username or password
      4. jaas forwards to the login failure jsp page.
      5. User provides correct username and password
      6. jaas forwards to http://localhost:8080/ (Woa, not what I expected)

      If the user provides correct username and password the first time, it properly forwards to the secured resource (protectedpage.jsp). This only happens when they fail at first.

      Also, I'm using 3.2.0, and I didn't remember having this problem on 3.0.6, so I deployed this app back on 3.0.6, and it worked fine there.

      Any ideas?? Could anyone else verify this behavior?