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    App client on OS X: Request timed out

    Volkmar Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have an app client that runs fine on Linux and Win2000, but refuses to start up on Mac OS X. The Java versions are the same on all machines (1.4.1_02), and on Windows 2000 the client GUI comes up after giving the correct credentials... however on Mac OS X the login gui I have created sits there for about three seconds, and then disappears back to the shell with 'Receive timed out'.
      What's weird is that this client jar file is the EXACT same one as the one used on Linux and Win, and so are the auth.conf and jndi.properties files.... (only modified to reflect the diferent path names on UNIX-like systems, obviously :o)
      The firewall on the Mac machine is off; I checked that.
      Are there any known issues with Mac OS X ?

      Thanks for any hints !!!!