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    2 LoginContext's at the same time on the server?

    Thomas Louis Newbie


      imagine the following situation:

      a client logs on to server one requesting something for which the server is not responsible. so the server logs an to another server with the same reqeust, but with a different login.

      I tried to do this by using the "client-login" module with a hard-coded Callbackhandler which supplies the login and password for server two. Then i logon server one to server two, do the request and logoff. This works until the process goes on on server one after he was connected to server two because now the login-context from the client is destroyed and every method which needs client-authetification fails beause of a null-principle.

      So how is it possible to logon from one server to another and not affect the login-context from the client?

      Thanks a lot,