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    Newbie question JAAS / JBoss 3.0.6

    Jeff Hunter Newbie

      I could really use some help with the following scenario.

      I am trying to get three pieces of information from a client application to a ejb. They are username, password, and a config string.

      I have a custom client side login module that extends UsernamePasswordLoginModule that collects the 3 items with a custom callback handler and inserts them into the client side login context.

      I am using a TextInputCallback to retrieve the config string. How do I insert it into the LoginContext correctly so I can retrieve it on the server side?

      On the client side I have configured the ClientLoginModule (required) and then the custom login module (required).

      On the server side I have a custom login module that also extends UsernamePasswordLoginModule. I can
      retrieve the username and password with no problem.

      How do I go about retrieving the third piece of information, the config string?

      Thanks For Any Help,