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    test cert works but versign cert doesnt

    Thunder Williams Newbie


      i can easily get SSL working using a test certificate created with "keytool -genkey" but after creating a CSR and sending it to versign to get a signed certificate, i cannot get JBoss/Tomcat to respond to SSL requests.

      after receiving the response from Verisign, i used the keytool import feature to import the versign response into a new keystore file. the certificate and the keystore have the same password. no other files were involved in this process.

      i have turned debug level to "5" in my HTTPS service connector. is there any other way i can turn debug on further to get more information? without a logical error, i cant figure out what im doing wrong.

      when i attempt a SSL request, TomCat gives me a blank page with the standard "The page cannot be displayed" error.