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    'Real' JAAS Implementation in JBoss

    Mike Toggweiler Newbie

      Hi all

      I've got the requirements of logging in a user on a central server and, in logged in state, accessing beans in more than one JBoss container. the problem thereby is that the role based security specified in J2EE and implemented in JBoss isn't sufficient, because the same role may appear in more than one container and shouldn't give access to all users associated with such a role (i.e. there could be more than one 'admin' role).
      Therefore I've tried to implement the whole JAAS processes with EJB's, but before searching all the sources, I'd like to ask if it's basically possible and if there's no other way.
      As additional comment:
      With 'the whole JAAS process' I mean setting a Configurator, using LiginModules, sending back the SecurityException occurred in a bean by checking 'checkPermission(permission)' and finally read the permissions a user has from the policy (which is JBoss container wide) and put them into the container specific security context. That would allow us to create a container specific Policy which will define the permissions in one JBoss container.

      Thank for your help

      Toggweiler Mike