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    Possible? to 2 have SecurityMangers

    Sean Radford Novice


      Is it possible to have 2 security managers running in the same JBoss configuration, i.e. the JaasSecurityManager and a custom one?

      The reason I ask is that one web-app needs some specialised Principal to /Role mapping where it is 'intensive' to find ALL the roles in one hit.

      Therefore, would like to write a custom SecurityManager so I have control of RealmMapping.doesUserHaveRole(Principal)

      - not sure if this all would work though as there still is RealmMapping.getUserRoles(Principal) and I'm not sure how this relates to the former method.

      Any ideas?


      For anyone interested, I'm on a 'long-term' mission to try and implement SPKI (certificates) within JBoss.