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    Problem with the login

    Jorge Cardenas Newbie

      I have my application with two ears in my jboss server 3.0.6, the first is the security ear and the other is a module of my system. When I do login, this loggin and password are authenticated in the principal ear.

      If want to use some use cases of the other module I passed the user identity to the other ear and works ok!!. But in the server.log file in some cases the user identity is null and others can be recovered. Is it a problem with jboss cache??

      If I do logout without close internet explorer and try again with another user, in the principal ear change the user identity (is ok!!) but in my second ear when I use some use case, in this ear is kept the old user identity, it throws an exception because my system uses two identity at the same time.

      Is it a session problem??

      How can I clean the session??