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    Swing Client-Firewall-Cisco Router

    Rajarshi Newbie

      My problem is something like this:

      Client: Swing

      There is a login page for swing client. When the client enters the username and password and press submit then the application connects to the JBoss server and check the validitity of username and password from the database.
      Now this works fine with normal scenario.
      But I am having a scenarion like this:
      The Client is in remote location. In client machine the server to connect is given as JBoss is running). When client press submit button the request first comes to (which is having firewall and router). This machine intercept the client call and redirects the call to through a CISCO PIX router. Here I am getting
      "javax.naming.Communication Exception:conncet exception:Connection refused to host:"
      though the JBoss server is running in machine and the CISCO router is redirecting the call efficiently.
      I have opened port 1099,4444,2744 but the problem remains. Please let me know if anyone having solution to this. Its very urgent for me. - is exposed in internet - is not exposed to internet,its in LAN
      uses DHCP.

      Rajarshi Ghosh