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    No phase id bound to current thread --> multiple SeamPhaseLi

    Joe Greene Novice

      Hello -
      Is there a definitive solution yet to this error?

      java.lang.IllegalStateException: No phase id bound to current thread (make sure you do not have two SeamPhaseListener instances installed)

      I had a perfectly good Seam app running, and then tried to integrate ESRI mapping functionality, which knows nothing of Seam. After straightening out a few minor problems, I now get the error message above when Tomcat starts up. I only have one SeamPhaseListener. There are jars in my project which have web-inf/faces-config.xml files, but there are no SeamPhaseListeners in these new jars (the ESRI ones), only the map service specific phase listeners.

      An earlier post about this error prompted some to suggest that this might be a Seam bug. I'm running 1.2.1 and am having the problem. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.