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    login page direct

    worthe Newbie

      When a user hits the back button or somehow goes back to the login page directly, and tries to login, they get an error because they are not allowed to do it directly. I am getting complaints from unfamiliar users :)

      Is there a way to add javascript or something to see if they typed it direclty?
      Does jboss have a j_url variable (or similar) that I can look at to see where the user is actually trying to go to?



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          worthe Newbie

          I would still really appreciate any help on this issue.
          I am still at a loss as to how to make it as user friendly as possible.

          Is there a way to see if this page is due to JBOSS security, or from a user manually going there.

          I will try setting up another security role for this file that noone else can access?? But that will still give an error message, where what I want is to display a custom page.

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            It should be possible to use Javascript to modify the 'back' URL list of your browser to skip the login.jsp. I haven't done this myself though.

            -- Juha

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              pworthing Newbie

              Thank you for your response. I was thinking of that too. However, I think that the bigger concern is if they save a link to the login page in their favourites list.

              I need a way to tell if they came via JBOSS, or if they came another way. It would be nice if I could tell on the login page, and adjust if necessary.