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    3.2.1 and Firewall

    Adam Paeth Newbie

      I've seen this topic covered before for 3.0.x versions of jboss. I'm currently trying to setup a client on the other side of a firewall. We currently have ports 1099, 4444, and 1098 (RmiPort specified in jboss-services.xml) open between the two machines. Are there other ports that have to be opened or config changes to JBoss?

      Thanks in advance,
      A Paeth

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          janroesner Newbie

          Hi there,

          we are also facing the same problem while trying to use the jboss3.2.1 in the DMZ(behind a firewall).

          we have opened the ports 1099, 4444, 8080 and 8083.

          now I additionally have to fix this so called "floating port" which the clients uses to communicate over RMI with the jboss server!

          how can I fix this randomly chosen "floating point", e.g. to 4445?

          I have already followed previous postings and tried to edit the jboss-service.xml as follows:


          ... but unfortunately this didn't help at all. the client still tries to communicate over a floating high port (and not 4445 as intended..)

          I really hope that somebody in here can provide me a proper solution!
          hope to hear from you soon!

          cheers, Jan