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    Java Swing client and JBoss strategy

    Johan Borchers Newbie


      I have read a lot in the documentation but to me JAAS in JBoss is still confusing. So I have a question about the security strategy that I have to follow. I can't find a good code example like our situation.
      We are using a total separate Swing client with JBoss on the server (session beans logic). The database behind JBoss differs from Oracle to MySQL.
      What is the way to single sign on to JBoss from the Swing client so I can use the J2EE security (roles) propagation in the EJB's?
      The users are in the database.
      I read about a database login module but can I e.g. use that on a standalone Swing client?
      So how can I do authentication from a Swing client using JAAS with JBoss.

      Can anybody give me a good hint or point me to additional examples or documentation?

      Many thanks in advance,