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    Where should auth.conf be located...

    Alex Paransky Newbie

      I am reading JBOSS Administration and Development manual which talks about modifying configuration file at conf/default/auth.conf . But no such file exists in my deployment.

      Where should I create it? Can I deploy it with my .ear? If so, where in the .ear should it go?

      Also, if I write my custom login module, can I just add it to my .ear packaged as a .jar and then use ProxyLoginModule to access it?


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          Les Hazlewood Newbie

          auth.conf is there for backwards compatibility.

          Don't use it if you're working from scratch. Instead use the server//conf/login-config.xml

          Read the AdminDevel Docs section "An XML JAAS Login Configuration MBean" to understand how to edit the file.

          Further down, in "Using and Writing JBossSX Login Modules" you'll find the IdentityLoginModule section covers the similarities between the old files and the new xml config way.