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    help with Introduction to Securing Web Applications with JBo

    gravybt Newbie

      I just went thru the great article Introduction to Securing Web Applications with JBoss and LDAP
      http://www.developer.com/java/ejb/print.php/3077421 and cannot get it to work.

      The only deviation was that I'm running linux and did the openldap stuff by hand.

      Seems to authenticate just fine on the web container, but as soon as i click List Users I get an Authentication exception, principal=null

      so it looks like the credentials aren't getting propagate back to the ejb container.

      i've verified that the jboss.xml in the ejbjar and the web-jboss.xml in the war file both point to the same security context.

      Not sure what else to try.. Has anyone had any success with this tutorial?