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    Error handling

    Fab Mars Novice

      I'm using JSF1.1, one of the latest RF 3.0.2 nightlies, Tomahawk, Facelets, JDK5, Tomcat 5.5. I'm new to RichFaces, not to JSF.

      I would like to have my RichFaces app to display the pages I specified in my web.xml. Upon an error in my jsf page, I always get a popup informing me a, internal server error 500 has occured. This is the default A4J.AJAX.onError impl. All right.

      Nevertheless, it seems the error forward on error is actually done since my stacktrace says the ServletException that generated my error 500 occured in my Error page.

      Exception Processing ErrorPage[exceptionType=java.lang.Throwable, location=/error/Error.jsf]

      So that means a second error occurs in my error page processing when it's called upon the original error, right ? However, if I call this page alone, it's displayed correctly. This error page uses JSF/Facelets too.

      Where am I mistaking ?