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    UsersRolesLoginModule woodoo

    Igor Kolomiyets Newbie

      Hi Folks!

      I have wierd problem with UsersRolesLoginModule authentication since i installed JBoss-3.2.2RC4.
      On 3.2.1 my application, which consists of a web module and few EJB modules so far, picked up users.properties and roles.properties files from $JBOSS_HOME/server/default/conf without any hassle. But since i moved to 3.2.2 it ignores those files in conf directory and uses those from $JBOSS_HOME/server/default/deploy/web-console.war. Is it some sort of change in the classloader behaviour in 3.2.2?
      Can also anyone clarify the best option for user and roles .properties files?
      Can one set of those files be used across .ear packed application?


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          meera13 Newbie

          It is because the classloader is not able to find the user.properties or roles.properties in the the classpath before it reaches to the deployed jar (I mean if you have the properties) or the conf. You can fix this by giving the exact location of the properties file by using <module-option> in login-config.xml or change the name of the properties file and specify the name using module option in case you want to place them in conf directory. Hope this helps !