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    support tag onblur problem with press Enter button in inputT

    au lai seong Newbie

      I have loginPage and afterLoginPage. The problem is in afterLoginPage, i need to click 2 a button twice inorder to make the button active. The problem is because i did not click the submit button in loginPage. I just pressed Enter key in the password inputText. So it will trigger the submit form first then only trigger onblur ajax event. The afterLoginPage is executed first, then the onblur ajax request is accepted by server. so the current state of that browser is for the loginPage's ajax event. This time, when i click on the button in afterLoginPage the server know it is not sync with the browser so it just response the current page again. Thus, it make me click twice in the afterLoginPage. How to solve this problem?

      <h:inputSecret id="pwd" value="#{loginBean.password}" required="true">
       <a4j:support reRender="pwddiv" event="onblur" />