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    JMS + JAAS + Subject

    Marcelo Klein Newbie

      Hi, I'm working in a project using a Swing client and a JBoss Server 3.2.2 communicating through JMS.
      The JMS connection is done in a normal Queue in wich clients post messages that go to a MDB wich replies to a TemporaryQueue provided in the reply-to of the message.
      I have a problem with authentication and Authorization of the clients into the server.
      I mean, I can't get the Subject from the message, not even with some examples I found like:

      Subject subject = (Subject) ic.lookup("java:comp/env/security/subject");
      but I get this error:
      javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: security not bound

      Any clues how to implement this (XMLs and code) or how to solve this problem???

      Any help will be appreciated
      Thanks a lot,