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    Where do i set account/passwords for JMS Queues

    Christian Groove Newbie


      i edited some Xdoclet tags for my new MDB,
      like this:

      * @ejb.bean name="RequestItems"
      * acknowledge-mode="Auto-acknowledge"
      * destination-type="javax.jms.Queue"
      * subscription-durability="NonDurable"
      * transaction-type="Bean"
      * @jboss.destination-jndi-name name = "queue/MdbQueue"
      * @jboss.subscriber name="joe" password="grant"
      * subscription-id="subID"
      * client-id="clientID"

      The question now (for me) is how to setup the
      JBoss environment so that the container will accept
      the new MDB on the aboven given JMS ressouces.

      Another question is, what can i do with the subscription/client-id's.
      Are there ID's used to allow a client to pass messages to
      the JMS-ressource ?

      Is there a doc available, in order to find out the
      JBoss specifics for to setup other interfaces
      and ressources ?