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    <f:converdatetime pattern not working for MM/dd/YY

    Praveen Mohan Mohanan Newbie


      The tomahawk calendar code below fails when the user enters 07/07/07 & it converts into 07/07/0007 . We want to enforce the rule that the user has to enter 4 YYYY before even the component converts it or atleast it should be automatically get converted to 2007.

      How do we do that?

      Here is the code:

      t:inputCalendar validator="#{utility.validateDate}" id="startdate" size="11" maxlength="10" renderAsPopup="true" popupButtonStyle="height:17px;vertical-align:middle" popupButtonImageUrl="../../images/calendar1.gif" renderPopupButtonAsImage="true"



      <f:convertDateTime type="date"

      pattern="MM/dd/YYYY" timeZone="America/Los_Angeles" />